Friday, January 27, 2012

LED encapsulated in hot melt glue

In a future project that I'm working on right now, I need to fix some standard 5mm LEDs into 6mm holes through an 18mm thick sheet of MDF. The final idea is to drill the holes all the way through the MDF and then cover the front with a 0.6mm birch wood veneer, sliding the LED all the way through from the back and fixing it in place with a hot glue gun.

Now, this got me thinking. How are the LED packages, which are rated for 100-125 degrees centigrade, going to handle the 200 degrees of hot glue? An experiment was in order.

5mm LED encapsulated in hot glue pt1

5mm LED encapsulated in hot glue pt2
It lives!

Right, that's enough work displacement for the moment - now I've got to get back to working out why my AVRISPmkII refuses to talk to my ATtiny44v.

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